We all need to take care of our mental health right now.

Today is the perfect time to start.

You’re not alone

It’s common to feel stress, anxiety and other intense emotions. These feelings can be isolating, but it may be helpful to know that many others can relate to your experience.

See how we can help


of new remote workers say they’re struggling with productivity


of Americans report experiencing stress related to the pandemic

1 in 4

people globally will experience a mental health challenge in their lifetimes

Sources: World Economic Forum, NAMI, Slack

Build a strong foundation

Modern Health’s coaches and clinicians created this series of activities based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness to help you build a base of emotional resilience to weather whatever life challenges might come your way.

Let’s get started

Short Exercise5 minutes

Coping with strong emotions

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Short Exercise10–15 minutes

Challenging difficult thoughts

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Audio Meditation2–10 minutes

Finding calm with mindfulness

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Short Exercise5 minutes

Cultivate positive behaviors

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Our Mission

A new day for mental well-being

With workplace stress at an all-time high and many people around the world experiencing serious challenges related to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to make mental healthcare a top priority.

At Modern Health, our mission is to provide accessible resources to improve quality of life and productivity for the global workforce.

Here’s how we help:

A person on a couch

Digital programs created by clinical psychologists

Videochat with ICF-certified coaches

In-person or virtual therapy sessions with licensed clinicians

The right care for each individual and every situation

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More helpful reading

A diverse group of happy people

What is Modern Health?

Mental wellness that meets you where you are

Modern Health is a global mental health benefit solution for employers that offers a full spectrum of care needs, from digital programs to coaching and clinical therapy.

Are you an employee whose workplace could benefit from better mental healthcare? Reach out—we’d love to chat.

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Are you in crisis?

Don’t wait—please get help immediately by calling your local emergency number or using one of these resources for urgent support:

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